Gemini IBD ®

What does Gemini IBD ® mean?

Gemini = In astrological terms, it means “Twins”.

I = Intrepid, which means “Fearless”.

B = Stands for “Biometric”.

D = Stands for “Discovery”.

When you put all of these definitions together, it all means “Welcome to the Fearless Discovery of the Twin worlds of Biometrics”!!!

Our Gemini IBD® Cyberseurity Infographic Newsletters include the following titles:


“Debunking The Myths of Biometrics”

“The Security Threats Posed By Passwords”

“Old Versus New: A Look At The Biometric Passport”

“Mobile Phone Security”

“What Is Phishing And How To Avoid It”

“The Top Cyber Security Trends For 2020”

“The Future of the Internet of Things (IOT)”

“An Introduction To The CMMC”

“Understanding the Zero Trust Framework”

“How To Convert Your On Premises Solution Into Microsoft Azure”

“How To Avoid Credit Card Fraud & E-skimming Brought On By COVID-19

Believe it or not, there are two worlds to Biometric Technology.  There is the Physical world and the Behavioral world.

In the Physical world, the technology captures a unique, physiological trait of ourselves.  This could be the patterns in our fingerprint, the shape and geometry of our face, the pattern of blood vessels just underneath our palm, the distances between the landmark features on our face, the structure of the blood vessels in the retina and the iris, and the inflections in our speech.

In the behavioral world, this could be the mannerisms in which we compose our signature, or the rhythmic style in which we type on a computer keyboard or on our smartphone.

Here in the United States, there is a strong hesitancy and even a fear in using Biometric Technology.  This is primarily due to the fact that when these unique features are captured, we have no sense of control of what is going to happen.  There is fear that our unique features will be stolen, used by the Federal Government for covert purposes, or even used for the purposes of Identity Theft.

Of course, these are all fallacies and not even true at all.  Biometrics are just like any other security technology.  It is not the “James Bond” gadgetry which is often portrayed in these types of movies.  Rather, it is designed to protect the physical premises of a building, recording the accurate hours an employee has worked, and even completely replacing your often forgotten passwords.

The goal of the Gemini IBD ® Cybersecurity Infographic Newsletter is to dispel these myths, its social stigmas, explain all of the techno jargon behind it, with the end result being an increase in its overall adoption rate.

After all, Biometrics is going to be one of the dominant security technologies in the future, so why not stay ahead of this curve and be one of the early adopters by subscribing to the Gemini IBD ® Cybersecurity Infographic Newsletter!!!

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